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When it comes to running a marine business, we know what works and what doesn’t. Why spend time and money working things out for yourself when we can work with you to have a faster, smoother and more cost-effective service.


We can give advice or do it all for you, just let us know how and where we can help!


We have spent years writing standard operating procedures, training staff and developing quick and efficient ways of dealing with admin and daily operation management.


We have years of experience with:

  • Staff training

  • Risk assessments and SOPS

  • Centre design and ideas

  • Location and conditions analysis

  • Operational paperwork and administration

  • Monthly checks and record keeping

  • Staffing records, Human resources documentation and recruitment

  • Procurement and budgeting 

  • Customer services and interaction


Let us help you to streamline your operation to its full potential and develop your staff and safety standards. Contact us today.


"George has a fantastic eye for detail and is always looking to improve our product and service on the island, it's sometimes the small touches that make all the difference. He is a planner and executes events and adventures seamlessly making sure my family and our guests have a fantastic experience on the Island."

Sir Richard Branson

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